Rebound From a Wreck with a New Car

A wreck can do more than leave you upset and injured. It can leave you in a financial bind. There's a noticeable gap between insurance pay-outs and the real cost of replacing a valued ride. You can count on McLeod Auto Sales to get you back on the road at a reasonable price in a good used car Killeen TX.

After an accident, safety is often a major concern. In newer vehicles, you'll find many features that offer more peace of mind, such as extra airbags and advanced electronic traction systems. Ask our staff about smart components such as automatic headlights, rain-sensitive wipers, headlight washers, wiper de-icers and more. You can find out about crash warning systems, lane departure watch, blind spot monitors, rear cross-traffic alerts, drowsiness monitors, and other crash avoidance technologies. 

New Toys
The loss of a car can be depressing, but getting a better ride with some new toys may just take the sadness away. Advanced dash tech offers to entertain you with streaming audio choices. You'll have a hard time choosing with HD radio, satellite radio, and internet radio available now. Perhaps you've always wanted ventilated seats or leather upholstery. Affordable choices are available now in our inventory. If you see one you like, ask for a quick quote.

Even with an insurance settlement, buying a replacement is often an unexpected and unwelcome expense. We'll do our best to help you find a good deal. We can help you with financing issues, too. Get started with our loan application

After a collision, you can rebound quicker with a good used car Killeen TX from McLeod Auto Sales. 

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