Do You Need a Hybrid to Be Environmentally Friendly?

While we love to offer Prius and other hybrids on our lot, we've noticed that these are not the only environmentally friendly vehicles today. There are many vehicles that have good fuel economy and lower emissions. If you want to reduce your global footprint, you can do it without spending a fortune. Stop by McLeod used car dealer Fort Hood and check out our inventory.

Go Smaller
Maybe your current ride is too big. If so, go smaller and save at the gas pump. In fact, you may find a spacious ride even if you choose a more compact car. Today's vehicles have managed to put a premium on space. Toyotas and Hondas, for instance, have experimented with ways to flattened the backseat hump to give your 2nd-row passengers more legroom. Find financing.

Family Friendly Turbo
While smaller is good for some, families can't do without a certain amount of space. For them, there are more and more turbos in cars and SUVs. A turbo drinks like a four-cylinder and spits out torque like a V-6. This allows vehicles to do more without costing you more at the gas pump. You can get a bigger vehicle that's family friendly without breaking your piggy bank.

Trade your Guzzler
Isn't it time to get rid of your gas guzzler? You can find better fuel economy in a better ride from McLeod. Maybe you can make some cash off of your old car, to. Value your trade, and start shopping for an environmentally friendly ride. 

You'll find financing, a big inventory, and a helpful staff at McLeod used car dealer Fort Hood.