A Special Car Makes a Great Gift for You or Your Special Someone

At McLeod Auto Sales, we are driving enthusiasts. It's exciting to get behind the wheel of a high horsepower ride, especially a free-wheeling sports car. Here's a sampling of the fun you'll find in our inventory of good used cars Fort Hood.

Muscle Cars
Camaro. Mustang. Challenger. These cars have a distinctive athletic build and can give you some real thrills behind the wheel. Curb appeal is part of the draw, and a tech-rich cockpit makes you glad to be the driver. 

Sleek Cars
If you prefer something sleeker, you'll enjoy choices like the Nissan 370Z and the Subaru BRZ. The slick profile is obviously designed to slip through the wind. High horsepower and advanced handling let you make the most of every mile.

Ready to feel the wind in your hair? While many sports cars come in convertibles, you may also find the occasional SUV convertible or Jeep Wrangler, the true open air vehicle. With weather like ours, it is fun to be able to drop your top and take a long drive. 
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Luxury Cars
Maybe a new luxury car is out of your reach financially, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy luxury car quality. Used luxury vehicles are often available in our inventory, and you'll find prices that are much more affordable. Our favorite amenities include ventilated seats and today's must-have dash tech.

Off Roaders
We always try to feature some 4x4 vehicles that can take you off the beaten path. You'll have to ask our staff to tell you about capabilities. 
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Find a special ride at McLeod Auto Sales, home of good used cars Ford Hood.