Check Prices with Us

Before you buy a used car elsewhere, check with the staff at McLeod Auto Sales. We can tell you if the price is fair or inflated. After all, we price cars every day, and we know how to read the market. We can also help with bad credit Killeen TX.

Car Prices 101
If colleges offered courses about pricing cars, we could teach it. At McLeod, our purchasing staff must work with individuals and auctions to purchase a broad range of vehicles. We have to know the going rate for many types of vehicles in order to make this process work. Our knowledgeable staff is uniquely qualified to comment on the purchase price that you've been quoted by another seller.

Our Pricing Guidelines
Pricing a car starts with understanding a wide variety of underlying factors. Our staff keeps an eye on Kelley Blue Book, JD Power, Edmunds and other automotive analysts. With that knowledge, we can judge vehicles on quality, reliability, and durability not just looks, trim level, and mileage. Value your trade.

With our understanding of the finance process, we've been able to help many customers with bad credit Killeen TX. We strive to make everyone feel welcome. Your credit score shouldn't have the final say when you need good transportation to take care of your family and to get you to work on time. Ask us to walk you through the loan process. 

Before you spend too much money somewhere else, give McLeod Auto Sales a chance to show you alternatives in the same or better price range. Contact us for more information or just drop by for a chat.