Don't Put Up With a Lousy Performer

Is your car a lousy performer? Does it make you feel like you are running behind even when you've got the accelerator mashed down? You need to check out your options at McLeod Sales, home of good used cars Killeen TX

How is your car's horsepower to weight ratio? If you don't have enough horses under the hood, it's no wonder you're feeling a drag. It's time to break free with better horsepower. McLeod Sales staff can help you find a more reliable ride for busy traffic. 

Don't assume you have to go for a V-6 these days. You can also solve your performance problems by looking for a turbo with higher torque rates. That thrust allows a four-cylinder turbo to act like a V-6 and still save you money at the gas pump.

Curve Control
Handling is also important when it comes to getting a better performer than your current car. Modern systems can use selective braking or individual torque distribution to give you more fun when taking curves at speed. Maybe you should ask about a Sport edition with a specially tuned suspension to give you a racier ride. A test drive can tell you more. Book online to save time. Schedule test drive.

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