Do You Want a Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Once manual transmissions were your only option. Automatics came along offering a simple way to drive, although not always as efficient. Now there isn't much difference in fuel economy, and some automatics are fuel-saving CVTs. How does a transmission affect your choice of vehicles? Bring your questions to McLeod, your home for good used cars Fort Hood.

Driving Stick
True driving enthusiasts still prefer to drive a manual. There's just something liberating about making the gear changes yourself. Adding to their popularity, certain manual editions are less expensive than their automatic siblings. Some manuals also get better gas mileage, sweetening the deal. While you'll find manuals predominantly on cars, you can find them in SUVs, such as the exciting Jeep Wrangler. Ask our staff if you are looking for a specific manual model. 

Go Automatic
Most people aren't taught stickshift any more, and it's easier just to stay with an automatic. Easier to drive, these transmissions make their own decisions, although some have steering wheel paddle shifters. Recent vehicles have six-speeds while older ones have five-speed or even four-speed models. 

Find a CVT
A new automatic has emerged as a major fuel saver. These continuously variable transmissions (CVT) are often found in Toyotas and Nissans. Unlike transmissions that are limited to a certain number of gears, these have almost limitless gear possibilities due to unique technology. Take a test drive.

Learn about Financing
If bad credit has you down, you need to talk to our staff. We've got the connections and the willpower that other dealers don't. Find financing.

Now that you know more, visit McLeod Auto Sales for good used cars Fort Hood.