Find the Right Ride for Your Daily Commute
There are many ways to buy a car. You can go to a new car dealership, shop the want ads on social media, or find a good used car at McLeod Auto Sales. We can help you find the right ride for your daily commute. 
Better Gas Mileage
If you need a car to drive to work, you will want to find something with better gas mileage than your current ride. Our recent models offer a range of choices, many with money-saving fuel economy. You may find a sedan that gets more than 35 mpg on the highway. You can find crossovers earning 30 or more mpg on the interstate. It doesn't have to have the word hybrid in its title to be a real money saver. Ask our staff which cars have the best gas mileage among our good used cars Corpus Christi TX.
More Comfortable
How does your driver's seat fit you? Sometimes it is the cause of a bad back, knee problems or hip pain. You can try out a lot of different types of cars and see how each seat suits you. Many of our models are higher trim editions with power chairs. With so many choices, you are sure to find one that is right for you.
Safer Than Ever
Today's recent models are among the safest cars ever built. You can find sedans and SUVs with more airbags and/or whiplash-lessening headrests. Some have passive crash avoidance features, such as a blind spot monitor or a lane watch. Others have active features such as emergency auto brakes and a lane assist. 

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