Put Convenience Back in Car Shopping
You want a car, but you don't want to chase around town. Perhaps you have a busy work schedule, and you can't waste time. Maybe your family demands don't allow for extra time. Maybe you don't want to be turned down due to bad credit Killeen TX. Whatever the case, McLeod can put convenience back into your car shopping experience. 
You can drop by any time, but you can also schedule a test drive. Tell us what interests you and we'll have it waiting. 
A generous inventory makes it easier to zero in on a good deal. You can find similar cars and SUVs by various automakers. Comparing them side by side really helps our customers make up their minds. You can see which one has the biggest cargo hold, how the seats fold down, and what shape the cupholders are. Every feature can be compared until you are sure that you are making a good choice for your lifestyle.
You don't have to wait for a loan if you fill out an application ahead of time. You can get started really easily with our pre-application. At work or at home, you can just fill it out and learn about the loan amount for which you are eligible. This will help you with window-shopping online. You can identify your favorites before you arrive. Then our staff will help you finish the loan process and find the right car for you. Apply for financing

If you are concerned about bad credit Killeen TX, McLeod is a good place to start. We've helped a lot of consumers get the credit they need.