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Your old ride is giving you trouble. It can’t get you from home to work and back again without worrying you. The bills pile up as you try to keep it running. Maybe that money is better spent on a new vehicle You can get a better ride from McLeod, home of used cars for sale Killeen
For some people, the biggest hurdle is getting a loan. Maybe they have a poor credit score. Other creditors may have turned them down in the past. We invite you to have confidence in our system. You can start the process by filling out the online form. It’s a soft inquiry and won’t harm your credit score. You can get a handle on how much money is available to you, and our staff can walk you through the loan process when you are ready. There’s no need to be nervous or worried. Just fill out the few lines and let the system do the rest. McLeod Auto Sales is on your side.
Big Assortment
One way we serve our customers is by offering a big assortment of today’s finest used vehicles. This ranges from big pickup trucks to tiny compact commuter cars. Families will find sedans, crossovers and three-row rides. Let our staff find something spacious and accommodating for your growing kids. We’ll show you where the car seats hook up and tell you how much legroom each SUV has in the backseat. With all of the facts, you’ll find decision-making easier. You can test drive a Honda and then turn around and test drive a Toyota. It’s just part of the fun of shopping for used cars for sale Killeen at McLeod Auto Sales.
Dash Tech
You’ll find exciting dash tech such as Bluetooth, smartphone integration, audio streaming, and mobile apps. Touchscreens and rearview cameras are often available features on our used cars for sale Killeen. Our staff can show you how each of these components work. Once your smartphone is recognized by the system, you can use voice, steering wheels controls and/or touch to make the choices you want. Simple yet exciting, this technology is changing the way we listen to music and access information. It’s all available to you through our used car choices. Just ask the staff to learn more.

Safety features have come a long way in just a few years. You’ll find advanced traction electronics on every model. Some have even more such as the curve control on Fords or the trace control on Nissans. Furthermore, Chevy and a few other brands have added more airbags, boosting the count to 8 or 10. Then there are all of the wonderful crash avoidance features such as blind spot monitors. Tell us what you want and we’ll help you find it. 

Get behind the wheel of a better car at McLeod Auto Sales today.

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